CK5126E CNC Vertical Lathe China



CK5126E CNC Vertical Lathe China

1. Super-high performance-price ratio and reasonable price.

2. Suspended button station is adopted and the electric cabinet and lathe body are integrated.

3. Hardening beam, hardening T type sliding ram (square sliding ram is optional), together with the sticking plastic guide are adopted.

4. Grade 16 machinery variable speed is taken as the standard configuration, and five-angle tool carrier or square knife station is designed.

5. Siemens 802C system (other systems are optional)

6. Closed protection of beam and automatic lubricating of different lubrication parts.

7. JB/T9934.1-1999 precision inspection of CNC vertical lathe is performed JB/T9934.2-1999 technical specification of CNC vertical lathe

8. Optional Features: Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, power-driven tool post and heighten lathe body etc.

9. One-year quality assurance, perfect after-sale service.