CK5235E CNC Vertical Lathe China



CK5235E CNC Vertical Lathe China

1. Such series of products adopt modularization design and the function can be selected arbitrarily. The product design is mature and reliable, thus, large amount of users have selected them.

2. With 100% full manual operation function, the common operator of vertical lathe can operate it as well without worrying about failure to manipulate machine tool due to the incapacity of programming. In addition, it is convenient and practical.

3. The working platform adopts four-step machinery + big power DC motor stepless speed control (AC frequency conversion can be selected) to realize rotary with large torque and own the turning function with constant line rate.

4. Excellent casting (HT300) is handled by heat aging.

5. The beam guide is handled by supersonic frequency induction hardening and it adopts rolling-sliding compound type. The vertical tool holder utilizes square type ram (QT600-3), which can realize heavy cutting. The sliding surface uses sticking plastic treatment with durable performance.

6. The beam guide, ram guide and vertical column guide adopt automatic lubrication pump for automatic timing and quantitative lubricating.

7. The ball screw adopt such type of Nanjing process or Taiwan HIWIN P3 level high precision while the lead screw uses imported bearing (Germany INA) for supporting.

8. The guide can be divided into such two types as static pressure and purely static pressure. The bearing of dynamic and static pressure is 10 ton; the purely static pressure adopts constant current for oil supply with 16-20 tons of bearing.

9. Independent hydraulic station is possessed, which facilitates adjustment, repair and maintenance.

10. The precision performs JB/T9934.1-1999 precision test of CNC vertical lathe as well as JB/T9934.2-1999 technical condition of CNC vertical lathe

11. High-standard processing and assembly process ensure the perfect product quality.

12. High-precision variable speed gear (Grade 6) and high-precision spiral bevel gear (Grade 6 gear grading) are featured with low noise and high rotary precision.

13. It is developed independently by the company.

14. Optional functions: constant current and static pressure, grating and closed loop, heightening the machine tool and ram and function of cutting thread etc.