DVTCK5240 CNC Vertical Lathe China



DVTCK5240 CNC Vertical Lathe China

1. The most advanced production technology of vertical lathe, modularization design and analysis of infinite elements are adopted to integrate machine, electricity and hydraulics the advanced technology, which represents high-precision exquisite cutting.

2. Siemens 802DSL or Siemens 802C CNC system which owns 100% full manual switch and operation function, that means no programming is needed even for the common operator. Manual operation is convenient and practical.

3. Two-step machinery variable speed+ ultra-large torque DC motor stepless speed control to realize turning with constant line rate.

4. Excellent casting (HT300) is handled by heat aging.

5. The guide on the beam is embedded with chromium-masurium-manganese guide plate.

6. The left tool holder adopts the common type while the right one utilizes CNC system; both of the two tool holders can all be selected as CNC mode.

7. The guide of working platform adopts constant current oil supply with constant current motor with the feature of stable precision; the hydraulic oil utilizes refrigerator for constant-temperature cooling and reducing the variant quantity of the working platform.

8. Different lubrication parts adopt automatic lubrication pump for automatic timing and quantitative oil supply.

9. High-precision ball screw adopts imported bearing (Germany INA) for supporting.

10. JB/T9934.1-1999 precision inspection of CNC vertical lathe is performed JB/T9934.2-1999 technical specification of CNCvertical lathe

11. Lots of imported parts (electrical, servo motor, servo drive, hydraulic parts, bearings, screw, planetary reducer, etc.), reliable quality assurance.

12. Gear box adopts high-accuracy grinding gears.

13. With beams stainless steel protective and walking board etc.